Communication: Setting our Standards

June 16, 2020

Communication: Setting our Standards

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

― Mark Twain

I have been with New Avalon Technology for over 6 months and am proud of what I have accomplished thus far. My skill set is varied and I have never had a career that allowed me to draw on my experience to improve the day to day operations as I have in my current role as Client Services Manager. My focus has always been communication and ensuring the customer experience is world-class. My experience has taught me that how you communicate something is fixed tends to be more important than it being fixed.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

― George Bernard Shaw

The changes and improvements we have implemented over the past few months have been vetted with this idea in mind. How do we communicate with our business partners? How do they communicate with us? How do we automate this communication?

We have a strong and robust ticketing system that allows users to check on the status of their tickets and the tickets being submitted by other individuals within a company. Experience has taught us that not everything requiring support is a technical request in nature. Our business partners have a variety of needs and we decided they needed more and efficient ways to contact us.

We turned to the obvious choice of distribution groups. Partners can email a private group that goes to the right people to ensure you get the right results.

Experience taught us that we could easily outgrow that option and emails can be difficult to keep track of. We looked for other ways to improve our communication.

We found it with Project Management and Team communication software. It allows us to create groups with the right people to ensure we can communicate effectively. It’s an easy way to open up discussions. We can easily track whose been responded to. Files and To Do’s that matter to you are visible and easy to find and check on the status. We found a scalable option with the versatility we knew our business partners needed.

Communicating to management is important but we wanted to ensure the right messages were being sent to users. They needed to know about maintenance and changes just as much as the ones that needed to approve them. We implemented a new marketing platform with customized and automated campaigns. We quickly learned emails tend to be ignored. Luckily we had a backup plan with our new ticketing system. Not only could users submit tickets but we could also send mass alerts for downtime, scheduled maintenance, and changes that were coming.

“I didn’t know” and, “No one told me” are statements from the past. Communicating effectively with users and business partners about changes impacting them has become second nature. There was only one communication hurdle to conquer, “How do we let everyone know about what we are doing?” There are many ways to address that and ensure we can show the value of what we do for our customers. We could tell them individually, we could mass email them but all those seemed small in scope. The only logical option is a blog.

Introducing the New Avalon Technology Blog where we can give insight into who we are and what we are doing to ensure you get the best value in an MSP. We are working to ensure our communication remains consistent and everyone gets the same message.

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