With over 10 years of expertise in healthcare IT service requirements in the Phoenix Metro and Albuquerque markets, New Avalon Technology in understands the medical industry and your unique HIPAA/PCI and IT security needs.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a budget IT provider to guard and secure your network and infrastructure. Over the last few years, the healthcare industry has become the most breached industry. Ensuring that your practice and clinics is properly protected from cybersecurity threats, phishing scams and viruses is just a small component of what we do for you.

Are you HIPAA/PCI Compliant?

We have a proven process to both guide and help you meet HIPAA/PCI IT requirements and avoid the challenges clinics face from poor data handling and lax security and compliance protocols.

New Avalon Technology works with you to improve/restructure your IT network infrastructure, so all of your processes and technology keep you moving forward without fear of HIPAA violations and fines.

Partnering with New Avalon Technology opens you up to:

  • Remote and on-site support
  • HIPAA-compliant cloud solutions
  • HIPAA-compliant IT security for your network
  • HIPAA Risk Assessments
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Proactive cybersecurity and monitoring

Whether you want to improve your current IT environment or are growing and need help scaling your technology New Avalon Technology is here to partner with you.