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Compliance as a Service is working towards making your business compliant with whatever security, policy, or specific standards are required in your industry.

Based on your industry we decide on the appropriate framework and work to ensure it is implemented in your Information Technology.  It is not a leave it and forget it process and we continually improve and secure your IT with the appropriate methodology.

  • Network Assessment – A detailed report that provides a risk assessment and lets you know the expectations for your network.
  • Security Assessment – Security Risk Assessments to determine external vulnerabilities and know the current security policies in place.
  • PCI Assessment – Ensuring Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards are upheld.
  • Microsoft Cloud Assessment – Reviewing the current Microsoft Cloud environment and identify any specific risks and vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.
  • Exchange Assessment – Ensure your Exchange environment is up to date and secure with no hidden vulnerabilities.
  • HIPAA Assessment – Making sure your business is following Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act recommendations and requirements.
  • NIST Assessment – Updating your security to conform with the National Institute of Standard Technology to ensure your network remains secure.
  • Cyber Insurance Assessment – Ensure you stay compliant with your insurance and implement their requirements.