Value Added Reseller

Why we CAN’T BEAT the cheap online retailers?

The reason is that we are a “Value Added Reseller” which means we provide you extra value around the purchase of any hardware/software and aren’t able to afford to operate on the 1-2% margins (and often even negative “loss leading” margins) that the cheap online retailers operate on.

Why you should order through us?

  • We will not charge for time to process any warranty claims/coordinate repairs related to hardware we have sold (i.e., coordinating the fix/replacement instead of you having to take time to do it. If we are asked to organize warranty claims for anything we have not sold, the time is billable).
  • We spend the time up-front to make sure that what we are recommending will suit your network/environment and needs. This is based on our many years of IT experience and if after you purchase something from us, it doesn’t work with your network, we take the blame and fix it at our cost.
  • In many instances, online retailers are most likely buying their products from the same distributor we are using. This means you might want to consider the reason why they are selling those items at such a low cost (sometimes even under their buy price): Are they including a warranty? Will they be around tomorrow? Etc.

Things you should consider

We put in the work to research and come back to you with exactly what will work in your network.  We have a policy that if we are asked to quote something and the recommendation is taken and used to buy cheaper elsewhere, we will only do this twice. Any further research time/quoting time will then be billable. We are sure you understand our position and that we would unfortunately out of business in a few months if we were quoting all day, putting the time into the research, and admin and then our quotes were used to buy the product cheaper online. If after those recommendations, you still would like to buy from one of the cheap online retailers, feel free as long as you keep the above in mind.